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Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai

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Welcome to Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai ( A Non-profit Hawaiian organization under Youth In Motion)

Our mission is to introduce the sport to as many people as possible highlighting the fun, the family involvement, the competitive spirit and pure joy in one of the fastest growing water sports in the World. Molokai is almost like the center of the World with world class athletes and events starting or finishing on our island. It is our mission to share this sport with much of the community and encouraging our youth to get involved in a healthy ocean activity and lifestyle.

REGISTER NOW FOR THE 3RD ANNUAL M4MOLOKAI PADDLE RACE SUNDAY 19TH JULY 201…Registration IS NOW LIVE…..You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates.

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Call Clare Seeger Mawae for more information 1-808-336-0946 or