Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai

2018 Molokai Holokai Weekend Tentative dates july 7 and 8 2018 - SUP, FOIL, OC1, OC2, PRONE, SKI and invitee

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SUPAM Registration

SUPAM membership includes access to our boards if paying the $45 membership.
The use of the boards is based on a sign up and if you damage it you need to fix it.
Boards are not to be kept overnight and are strictly for club uses and prior arrangements to take a board for the day..
If you are racing in the M4M 2014 you automatically become a member with your entry fee for the remainder of the year.
So that means that if you come back to visit….guess what you can come and use the boards that the club has for a low monthly fee of $25 based on when you use them…So if you come for a week and paddle every day you only pay the monthly fee of $25!! Now how is that for a deal!!
Membership starts the day after the M4Molokai until June 30th of each year.