Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai

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Shuttle Runs Daily

SUPAM can run daily shuttle runs to Rice Patch, Kamalo and Pukoo through their sponsor Molokai Outdoors

Please call if you are wanting rides..We need a minimum of 4 persons

$5-10 per person/canoe and 50% of the proceeds will go to to SUPAM to help fundraise for future events, youth, keiki and family fun programs
Group discounts are available but main thing we can cover cost for driver, gas and wear and tear….We are Molokai so everything is flexible for Molokai residents.

Checks are to be made out to SUPAM or pay cash to the driver

Paypal will be available for those wanting to buy a block of runs one time. Great for those over for a few days and want to train before the next race..or for recreational