Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai

2018 Molokai Holokai Weekend July 7 and 8 2018 - SUP, FOIL, OC1, OC2, PRONE, SKI and invitee

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  • Please go to our registration pages for the events


Drawing for SIC Bullet 17 V3 for top 3 men and top 3 women overall non-sponsored in SUP division
Two qualifying spots for M2O for top finishers that are not sponsored riders.



Maui Jim Maui 2 Molokai Challenge Event Day Schedule Sat 7th July 2018

Event Schedule

    • July 5 5:00 PM HST - Pre Race Briefing -Thursday at Hi Tech Surf Sports
    • July 6 2:00 PM HST - Registration CUT OFF
    • July 7 7:00 AM HST - Race Check in, Pule and Briefing DT Flemmings, Maui
    • July 7 7:15 AM HST - Hauling Bags to escort boats
    • July 7 7:30 AM HST - Race Briefing
    • July 7 7:45 AM HST - Race Pule
    • July 7 8:30 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 1 DT Flemmings, Maui
    • July 7 8:40 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 2 DT Flemmings, Maui
    • July 7 9:00 AM HST - M2Molokai Race Start 3 DT Flemmings, Maui
    • July 7 12:00 PM HST - M2Molokai Challenge first finishers
    • July 7 2:45 PM HST - Shuttles starting to Accommodations
    • July 7 4:15 PM HST - Shuttle to Prize Giving
    • July 7 4:30 PM HST - Prize giving at Paddlers Inn
    • July 7 4:30 PM HST - Prize giving and Dinner
    • July 7 5:00 PM HST - Dinner at Paddlers Inn
    • July 7 6:45 PM HST - Great Entertainment!
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    Molokai 4 Molokai Event Day Schedule Sunday 8th July 2018

    Event Schedule

    • Event Schedule
    • July 8 11:00 AM HST - Race Check in and late registration
    • July 8 12:00 PM HST - Pule and Briefing
    • July 8 12:30 PM HST - Race Start for SUP 10 miles
    • July 8 1:00 PM HST - Race Start for OC 1 10 miles
    • July 8 1:15 PM HST - Race Start for Beginners 5 miles
    • July 8 3:00 PM HST - Keiki and Makua Race 3/4 mile
    • July 8 4:00 PM HST - Prize giving
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    Extra activities after the race weekend with the Molokai Holokai week

    • We have some great activities to offer for the weeks of the weeks leading up to the M2O.
    • We are trying to encourage people to take some time on Molokai and learn about the island, the people, and the lifestyle.
    • If you are a racer then let us send you to some of our most respected people/organizations on island.
    • If you are planning on staying then let us know and lets see what we can organize for you that is not a typical tourist activity.
    • These activities are only available during the Molokai Holokai week.

    Sign up for the boat rides back to Maui

    • We have boats departing on Sunday and Monday and you can add this in with your registration.
    • If you need to leave on Saturday maybe we can find a ride but need a min count.
    • Cost will be $100 for board and person or $50 o/w without a board.
    • We will also have sign up sheets for people wanting board storage options.
    • We have containers at Makoa Trucking.
    • If you are racing the following weekend with the other race then we can arrange shuttles direct to Honolua Bay if you are staying on Molokai

    Departure from Molokai

    • If many need to leave Sunday night we have shuttles to the airport
    • We also have shuttles to airport for the rest of the week
    • We need a minimum of 8 persons for a plane charter if this is something that interests you
    • Makani Kai, Mokulele and Ohana (Hawaiian) all have flights
    • There is no ferry to Molokai

    Escort Boats and Board Transportation

    • There are many boats available from Molokai, Maui and Oahu
    • We will have a local contact number coming soon for the Molokai escorts boats
    • Sid Medeiros on Maui has a list of Maui boat captains 1 (808) 281-2016
    • LJ has a list of boats for Oahu, Maui and Molokai Hawaii Escort Boats 1 (808) 306-4121
    • Board transportation is available from Oahu with a min of 7, Oahu-Maui-Oahu Call LJ 1 (808) 306-4121
    • Board transportation is available with Sid Medeiros back to Maui 1 (808) 281-2016
    • Email Clare at or 1-808-336-0946 for local boat captains

    Board Rentals

    • SIC our industry sponsor have boards to rent. For more info see their rental fleet
    • Limited board rentals on Molokai you can email
    • If SIC are all out then check out the Maui SUP shops
    • For any other craft please email us and we will see if we can send you in the right direction


    • Hotel Molokai 1-808-553-5347 has special Molokai Holokai Discounts
    • Let them know you are racing in part of the Molokai Holokai weekend
    • Molokai Vacation Properties also has discounts for those racing in the Molokai Holokai Weekend 1-808-553-8334
    • We also have camping on Molokai at the County park and we are also trying to secure another camping location
    • We also have families ready to open their homes for anyone that wants an authentic Molokai experience

    Transportation On Molokai

    • You are are VIP guests and so this is a complimentary service
    • We will transport you in the race vicinity at no cost
    • So we will transport you from harbor to accommodations, to race start for day 2, town runs, prize giving etc. All we ask is take care of the driver with a little something please.
    • We will also shuttle boards from the finish of the M2MC to Molokai Canoe Club for storage. We have security to watch over your gear.
    • We will also shuttle Boards to start line for M4M
    • We will also shuttle boards to Kamalo on Monday for rides back to Maui
    • We will also shuttle boards to Kaunakakai Harbor for YB and boat rides back to Oahu on the following Monday
    • Just take care of those doing the shuttling for you if you can please, so gratuity is always appreciated.:)